We are very fortunate at Sparks Elementary to offer wonderful programs that are both educational and fun for the students.  Due to successful fundraisers, we have the following programs booked for the 2017-2018 school year!



- Watch DOG Launch with Raising Canes - September 21st

- Family movie night - October 12th - complete with popcorn

- BMX – October 24th  

- Artome - November 9th

- Critterman – December 4th 

- HighTouch HighTech: 

  Kinder – Dig It - January 29th*

  1st – Magnet Makers – January 23rd 

  2nd – Weather or Not - January 3rd

  3rd – Fun’omena – May 29th

  4th – Inventor’s Closet – January 4th 

  5th – Edison’s Workshop – November 27th

- Science of Spin – February 2nd 

- Dennis Lee Nana Puddin – March 19th  (K-2 only)

- First, Third and Fifth Grade Musicals

- Carnival


Please know these programs would not be possible without generous parent support.  Thank you in advance for your generosity!


Thank you,

Kerri Hebert

3rd Vice President Sparks PTA