It's Online Registration Time!

It's fast and easy! 

1.  Click on the Login Button from the left side navigation.  It will look like this:



2.  You will see the following:

3.  If you are a first time visitor you will need to set up your accunt by clicking

on the "Click here" on the left hand side:



4.  Congratulations, you have now entered our online registration.  You can purchase your PTA membership(s) along with a few other items, like paying for party money, and even purchasing items from the spirit store.  You will be able to complete the process and pay online - all from the comfort of your home!   **Please NOTE:  If you had an account last year and this is the first time you've logged in, you will need to "reactivate" your account.  Click on "Family Information" and you will see your data from last year.  Update it as appropriate and do the same with the Directory & Publish Preferences and Volunteer Interest Form.  AFTER YOU HAVE UPDATED THAT INFORMATION, you will see all of the other forms.


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 Party Money
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